Writing is a solitary endeavor. Putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard can be an exhilarating experience when the words come quickly and the narrative flows. But at the end of the day, as good as the work might be, another set of eyes can only make it better.

JSF Editorial offers critical and constructive feedback on a wide variety of publishing projects. Whether you’re a previously published author looking to branch out in a new direction or an aspiring writer looking for significant help with plotting, dialogue, and characterization in order to land an agent or self-publish, I can address your needs.

Jennifer Sawyer Fisher

My years of experience at several major New York City publishing houses, including Kensington, Dutton/Signet and Morrow/Avon, taught me how to discover projects with potential and how to work with an author to realize his/her full talent. As a result, I truly understand the critical relationship between editor and author.
I had the pleasure of working with New York Times bestselling authors Lawrence Block, Suzanne Brockmann, Jo Beverley, Leon Uris, and Sonny Barger. I also had the excitement of introducing brand new writers to the world of publishing and bringing established authors to new heights in their publishing careers, helping some of them receive industry honors such as the Edgar, Agatha and RITA Awards. 

JSF Editorial was launched in 2006. My client list includes a diverse group of authors writing in a variety of genres: mystery, suspense, thriller, romance, women's fiction, historical fiction, general fiction, narrative nonfiction, and memoir. 

Editorial Services

My job is to work with your words, enhance or streamline, clarify or expand when necessary. The objective is to make your material as polished as possible. I can't guarantee you will place your project with an agent or sell it to a publisher.  But I do promise you'll learn from the editorial process and be a stronger writer as a result.


Developmental Editing

Work commissioned at an hourly rate may include, but is not limited to, a detailed editorial letter, page specific notes, writing exercises, and phone consultations. The ultimate goal is to present you with a guide that enables you to easily understand how to improve your manuscript in specific ways.  


Line Editing

An intensive line by line read for grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors and suggestions for improved sentence structure and word choice.


Editing Critique

For a flat fee, I will read your manuscript and provide a document outlining the book’s strengths and weaknesses, identifying ways to improve the writing and evaluating the manuscript’s ability to successfully compete in the publishing arena.  


"I've known Jennifer since she was an editor at Harper/Avon where she published several of my authors, and over the years since she went freelance she has been my go-to editor to recommend to clients who need patient, objective, and insightful advice on how to improve their novels. Her grasp of what makes good fiction is enviable and if you are ready to really listen to what she has to say, whatever you're writing will be all the stronger for it." 

"Jennifer is quite simply the best editor I’ve had in the thirty-five years I’ve been writing the Faith Fairchild books and, in addition, one with the broadest knowledge of the publishing business past and present—a rare attribute. I cannot recommend her highly enough except to add this bonus: it is a great pleasure to work with her. Smarts and a great sense of humor."

"I had been writing for twenty years and had sixteen books traditionally published before working with Jennifer. I wish I had been able to benefit from her advice from the beginning. More than improving my story, she took the time to teach me how to be a better writer. I understand more about myself as a storyteller, and I have put to use the lessons I learned. A true partner in publishing, Jennifer is all about collaboration, taking the time to talk through her suggestions and brainstorm potential solutions. She's a pro!"

"Jennifer understands good writing, and she also knows what agents and traditional publishers want to see when they consider a manuscript. Based on the continuing success of the book Jennifer edited for me, I feel that bringing my manuscript to her was a great investment."

"Jennifer Fisher has provided excellent editorial assessment and guidance to many of my clients. Her advice has ensured more polished and successful manuscripts. I will continue to refer her to all novelists who need an objective and experienced eye to improve their final book."

"Jennifer's ability to provide hard (and soft) editing without inserting her own voice is a rare gift. That, combined with a talent for delivering pointed, yet constructive feedback, invariably results in a better product. The magical part of working with Jennfier is that all the while she's upbeat and supportive."

"Working with an editor is an astonishingly intimate experience. Pick the right one and it’s a rewarding educational experience. Pick the wrong one and it’s a dreary dreadful waste. I chose wisely. Working with Jennifer on my first book was like taking an intensive master class in writing with my very own book as the focus. She made suggestions that challenged me. We ended up with a book that was true to my vision, but much stronger in every way. Jennifer is the perfect co-conspirator for me and my characters. We couldn’t have done it without her."

"I came to Jennifer when I was unpublished and looking for a literary agent. Jennifer's expertise in knowing how to edit for the reader was invaluable. What we did together was enough to land an agent. The book we worked on launched my writing career. I learned so much from Jennifer and her process. Having a professional editor is key as far as I'm concerned, and Jennifer is one of the best."


If you would like to contact me regarding a specific project, please provide a short description of your book and attach the first 15-20 pages. Upon review of the material, I will contact you via e-mail and let you know whether I am a good fit for your project.
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